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A clumsy, yet confident 19 year old. An empathetic girl who tends to over dramatize things wrote a love song for her dog when she was 13. She then continued to write about her world, later realizing that people related to her vulnerability.

Spear collaborated with iHeart Radio on a Press Tour for the three singles she released at the beginning of this year, and was later asked to perform at the 2019 ASCAP Expo as part of the ‘She Rocks’ Showcase.

Her performances make every individual in the audience feel as though they are the only person in the room. Spear’s music has the potential to inspire people around the world to be better. She started singing through holding her hairbrush and throwing concerts in her bathroom, and she hopes little girls will do the same with her music, as they realize that loving themselves is actually pretty cool.


I’ve Got A Plane


Eliza Spear is an intriguing, fast rising talent whose latest single ‘Hear My Call’ is a sweet Americana track with a country-pop twang.

- Laura klonowski, Celeb MIx

and the broken ones were joyous and the joyous were broken. and the faces came and went, but the world kept turning.