hugs and cupcakes

i think my first memory was when my brother told me how cool it was that he could look at the ceiling without moving his head. i remember thinking, “that’s so cool, when i’m older, i can do that.”

now i’m older. i can look at the ceiling without moving my head and i can drive cars and go places on my own and kiss people and stand up for my friends and i can feel sad but know that i’ll be okay because i am strong.

now i’m older. i let cupcakes bake all the way through. i used to get so excited to eat them that i would take them out of the oven early and sneak them into my room.

now i’m older. hugs are the best. i used to hug and run. i got distracted. now i hug for a long time. it’s nice to pause.

strawberry shortcake was my fave as a kid.

now i’m older. its still my fave.