As a kid I never believed in fairies or princesses. I enjoyed the ideas of them, but I knew they were fantasies and could never be realistic in our society.

Today is friend Rachael’s birthday. There are times I look at her and swear that she was born from fairy dust. The first thing she did when I met her was coax a bee onto her finger, whisper some words to it, and then let it go. My immediate thoughts of “what the hell is going on?” were relieved by her persona simply carrying on after that moment, as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

Rachael makes me believe in the good in the world, and she’s also my favorite person to co-write with. She sends me little notes of encouragement and she deserves much more love than this world could ever show her.

I hope you all find someone who makes you believe in things you never thought you could wrap your head around. I guess fairies are real, after all. She’s proven me wrong.