"you're not allowed to feel anything!"

ok so here’s the deal. these songs come from the actual depths of my bare soul. sometimes i don’t even know i’m feeling something until i write it down.

i get a lot of questions about how it feels to be so open and vulnerable and share what i’m feeling with whoever will listen. i think people expect me to be a bit nervous about that, and i expect myself to feel that way too, but i don’t.

It’s SO DAMN COOL to release music and hear from someone you just met that they related to a certain song. look. this world is a lot of things. it is lovely and scary and beautiful. it is also ISOLATING, and i feel like we have been conditioned to keep our thoughts within ourselves and stay quiet about feeling anything that isn’t “ideal”. this annoys me. not cool with me.

people react to energy, right? so i feel like if im vulnerable other people will want to be vulnerable. everyone feels SO many things. and that’s okay. that’s more than okay. it’s dope. how cool are we to get to feel ALL of these emotions?

anyway. i just think things should be felt. and if i can help in facilitating people being open with what they’re feeling, i think that would be nice.

‘i’ve got a plane’ is out in 10 days.