As a kid I never believed in fairies or princesses. I enjoyed the ideas of them, but I knew they were nothing but a fun story to tell.

Today is my friend Rachael’s birthday. There are times I look at her and swear that she was born from fairy dust. And I KNOW that sounds crazy. But hear me out.

The first thing she did when I met her was coax a bee onto her finger, whisper some words to it, and then let it go. I had no ability to understand what was happening, so I kinda just went with it. Then she carried on as if nothing had happened, so I did the same. It was just as right as it was weird. And just as comforting as it was different. That kinda made me believe, as odd as it was. She was so comfortable with herself, and she knew exactly her purpose. That sounded like a fairy to me.

Rachael makes me believe in the good in the world, and she’s also my favorite person to co-write with. She sends me little notes of encouragement and she deserves much more love than this world could ever show her.

I hope you all find someone who makes you believe in things you never thought you could wrap your head around. I guess fairies are real, after all.

harper barth

so my friend harper just somehow tolerated my 5,000 revision ideas i had about this piece of art that she made for me. she constructed a BEAUTIFUL piece that was thought provoking and moving. everyone i showed it to loved it. i wanted more.

this is a common theme with me. heck, i even didn’t go to college right after high school because i was too indecisive to commit to a school. so i spent a whole dang year of my life singing in Los Angeles venues hoping i could find the direction i wanted to go in. it wasn’t until the year ended that i realized i was already on the right path, i was just so consumed in always going the right way that i forget to appreciate where i was.

i’m always seeking connection. i want to meet more people, and hear more stories, and write more songs. everything is so exciting when it’s new, new, new. i’ve met amazing people here. North Carolina has given me friendships that i’ll never let go of, but do so did Los Angeles, and i so easily forget that.

i’ve realized lately that when i take a breath from chasing all the things that i so desperately want to call my own, i see what i already have. harper showed me a lifelong friendship when i met her at 10 years old, and she still shows me a strong and committed friendship while i’m frantically texting her new ideas for the art she never stops sending me.

so, here’s to harper barth. here’s to chasing. and here’s to slowing down.