Eliza Spear is new to the scene, but a seasoned musician, she has spent the past few years relentlessly fine tuning her writing and her classic rock-pop-twangy sound. Her music speaks truths about coming of age, young love, and discovering who you are. Her lyrics are authentic, relatable, and delivered in a way that forces you to feel the emotion she felt when she created the song. She is singing her story, but it’s a story that everyone can connect to. Her energetic performances seem more like a hangout with the audience. Whether it’s a sad song or a joyful one, you can’t help but feel immersed in the story. The audience isn’t just listening, they are a part of the experience in every way, and that’s how she likes it. She’s a down to earth, powerhouse of a musician, with the potential to inspire people around the world to dream big.


run around the house with no pants on,

right in front of the window.


and the broken ones were joyous and the joyous were broken. and the faces came and went, but the world kept turning.