Next, she says, “I’m a fighter, but I’m trapped in a cage, screaming at myself every day that there has to be more here, there has to be.”
On Thursday, January 17th, around 3:00pm, I felt those words in the depths of my soul. I know there’s more than just the two or three steps I see right in front of me. I know life is more than the pain or entrapment we might feel some days. But sometimes, it’s so hard to believe that.
There has to be more. There is more. Life is more than the feelings of today or yesterday or tomorrow. Sometimes, it’s so hard for me to believe that.
In my times of greatest hardship and struggle, I will remind myself:
There Has To Be More.
— Molly Shanahan, Beyond The Surface
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she makes music

“I love the idea of this helping people realize that loving themselves is actually super cool.”

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Find Your Inner Geek

“I had been writing songs for a while, and I realized that there was nothing stopping me from putting them out.”

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BONg mines entertainment

“Eliza Spear is a name you should remember and an artist you should have on your radar.”

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“We just have to always remember that now is now, and tomorrow is tomorrow, as difficult as that may be.”


Middle tennessee music

Vents magazine

“Looking out into an audience and seeing people sing along to your lyrics is absolutely magical. Everyone is singing along for their own reasons and their own story, but we all sing the same song.”

“I wrote the song with hopes of there being “more” outside of the feeling I felt so trapped in.”


Gehen Press

“She eventually follows one, who leads her back to a room with a single piano. A simple but clever message— music at its core will get you back on track time and time again.“

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“It was a childhood dream until it turned into me being really persistent about it happening,” Spear said.